Guest article: Open up Switzerland with Digitec Galaxus

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In this guest article, Simon De Toffol from Digitec Galaxus explains what makes the company special in Switzerland

Digitec Galaxus is number 1 among online retailers operating in Switzerland. Partners can reach more than 2.3 million potential customers living in Switzerland via its marketplace. Over 400 retailers are already connected.

Because Switzerland is not part of the European single market, an e-commerce ecosystem has developed in the Alpine country that differs greatly from others, such as those in Germany, France or Austria. In particular, the online retailer with the highest turnover is not Amazon, but the Swiss company Digitec Galaxus, which operates the IT and electronics specialist Digitec and the online department store Galaxus.

Digitec Galaxus is 70% owned by the Swiss retailer Migros and generated sales of more than 2 billion euros in its home market last year. Sales came from over 2.3 million customers who shopped at Digitec Galaxus at least once in 2021.

The largest online marketplace in Switzerland

Digitec Galaxus also operates the most important online marketplace in Switzerland. Since 2016, the company has connected over 400 retailers. These include Decathlon, Bergzeit, Dyson, Fressnapf, La Redoute and Conrad. Almost half of the more than five million products are added to the range via the marketplace, and around 20% of the products at Digitec Galaxus overlap with offers from the marketplace partners.

Digitec Galaxus relies on a curated retailer program: The partners are handpicked so that the quality of the product range remains high and so that the shops do not look like junk bazaars. Also, retailers cannot buy a prominent place in the shop.

Digitec Galaxus also works with suppliers who ship their products directly to customers. In the industry one speaks of so-called direct suppliers.

Rapid growth thanks to strong brands

Digitec Galaxus marketplace partners do not pay any initial fees. However, a commission is charged for each sale. In return, retailers benefit from the image and reputation of the online retailer, from their customer service and from their return management.

Over the past two decades, Digitec Galaxus has built up two strong brands with which the people of Switzerland identify. This has also been proven by the strong growth in recent years. On the following information page Digitec Galaxus shows how interested companies can become suppliers or marketplace retailers.

Also, the online retailer operates a marketplace in Germany under the Galaxus brand. More information here.

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