Guest article by Showme Stores: Profit growth for online stores: The crucial role of showrooms in Swiss e-commerce

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In today’s digital era, where online stores dominate the shopping landscape, you might think that showrooms and physical stores have become less important. But this is by no means the case, especially not in Switzerland, where local presence and the personal shopping experience are still of great importance. Although online retail has undoubtedly grown, many customers still like to store in stores.

Swiss customers appreciate the opportunity to test products before buying

Seeing, touching and trying things out – this need for a physical presence is perfectly served by showrooms. Customers rely on stores where they can experience the quality of the products. This gives them security and trust, which are often decisive factors in the purchasing decision process – even if the purchase is ultimately made online.

Customers appreciate the personal advice, the opportunity to ask questions and the feeling of security that a showroom or store offers. For many, a physical visit to a showroom is an integral part of the purchasing process.

German showroom provider with a convincing concept

Showme Stores” from Germany has developed a concept that benefits end consumers and retailers alike. The company rents space from a size of 10m² to online stores. The concept is currently being implemented in three cities:

  • Bad Säckingen on the Swiss border, between Basel & Zurich
  • Frankfurt
  • Bielefeld (still under construction)

At the locations, online stores have the opportunity to create a physical presence without changing existing processes. Retailers simply rent an exhibition space and equip it with their products, and Showme Stores takes care of the rest:

  • Service and advice for end consumers
  • Maintenance of the exhibition
  • Assistance with the purchase

Increase sales and grow thanks to the synergy effect

Of course, online stores have their own advantages. They allow costs for physical stores to be saved and products to be sold across borders. This flexibility and range are undoubtedly of great importance. This is where synergy comes into play. The combination of a physical showroom such as Showme Stores in Bad Säckingen and an online store can be the growth engine for your company. Customers have the opportunity to view products in the showroom and then buy them online. This creates a seamless shopping experience and meets the needs of different customer groups.

Conclusion: showrooms and retail stores remain relevant

Despite the digital age, showrooms and physical stores remain relevant and it makes sense to include them in your business strategy. The location in Bad Säckingen, directly on the Swiss border, makes “Showme Stores” a particularly attractive option for customers from Switzerland. With their offer for online stores from 10m², they create a unique opportunity to increase profit growth and create a physical presence at the same time.

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